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Coming Home to The Hermitage

Featuring Hermitage Guest: Dennis Bailey

There is no one quite as familiar with visiting The Hermitage Hotel than Illinois native Dennis Bailey. Over the last three years, he has accumulated more than 200 stays at The Hermitage Hotel. More specifically, in his home away from home, Room 904.

As vice president of strategic business development for Cardinal Health—a supplier for large hospitals whose biggest headquarter companies are in Nashville—Dennis travels to Nashville for business nearly every week and always stay at The Hermitage Hotel. He enjoys staying at The Hermitage so much that he makes the commute from downtown Nashville to Cool Springs, where the majority of his work takes place.

“For me, coming to The Hermitage is like coming home or going to a friend’s house,” said Dennis. “When you travel as much as I do, it’s nice to walk into the lobby, be greeted by your first name and treated like you’re part of the family. It’s the people that make all the difference.”

It’s the outstanding customer service and impeccable attention to every detail that keeps Dennis coming back. He recounts several instances in which the staff has catered to his every need, such as always finding handwritten thank you notes after every stay; knowing that his bartender always remembers exactly what he wants to drink; requesting off-the-menu meals and never being turned down; the hotel inviting him and his wife to the 100th anniversary celebration; and a staff member going to the pharmacy to fill his prescription and sending chicken soup to his room while he was sick with the flu.

“There is no other hotel like this in the country, and I have stayed in a lot of hotels! I have hosted the COO of my company and many business members at The Hermitage and they all say it was the best experience and service they have ever had,” recalls Mr. Bailey. “I have given up another hotel membership in order to continue staying at The Hermitage.”

Dennis knows that coming to the hotel means first-class, personal treatment along with warm smiles and friendly gestures from every staff member.

“The kind staff truly feels like old friends and family members. I can’t say enough good things about this extraordinary hotel, and the wonderful people and service I experience time after time,” said Dennis.

From the hotel’s perspective, having fans like Dennis Bailey is a goal they set for every guest that comes through the door. “For us, Dennis embodies the experience we strive to create for all of our guests. The idea is that they become more than guests, they become our friends.” said Janet Kurtz, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing. “We work hard to get to know each of our guests and it is genuine. This isn’t something that comes out of a training manual, or is a calculated ‘best practice,’ we just take the approach that our guests are real people and we genuinely care about them and their needs.”

Though Mr. Bailey has certainly visited The Hermitage Hotel the most, he represents hundreds of other guests who call the hotel home when visiting Nashville.

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