I Can’t Stand the Heat So I Am Getting Out of the Kitchen – And Going to the Bar

I learned recently that this summer has broken all of the previously set heat and humidity records.  Though I appreciate the over-achieving spunk of Summer 2010, I am a little tired of it by now.  I mean, let’s face it, sitting around in a constant state of “glow” (that’s sweat for all our non-Southern readers) is beyond uncomfortable.  And, more importantly, my awesome hair loses a good part of its awesomeness in all of this humidity.  All in all, this weather has increased crankiness and general malaise in Nashville and the mid-South.

So, what’s a girl to do to beat the heat and return to a state of calm? Well, visit the bar of course. Not just any bar, mind you, but the Oak Bar at The Hermitage Hotel.   There one will find (in addition to air-conditioning that is set one notch above arctic blast) that we have put a new spin on an old Southern favorite, one that is steeped in tradition.  Booze, naturally.  Not just any, run-of-the-mill inebriant; specifically Jack Daniels whiskey.

So what’s the story?  This summer, Tyler Brown, Executive Chef of the Capitol Grille reached out to his good friend Noel Glasgow of Bravo Gelato with an idea.  In April, Tyler made the pilgrimage to Jack Daniels distillery to choose the perfect barrel of Jack Daniels Whiskey, which would be bottled to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Hermitage Hotel. Tyler worked with the team to create some great drinks in the bar as well as used the whiskey in some of his menus.  But the question still dogged him on what to do during the dog days of summer.  Soooo, Noel seemed to have the perfect solution.  Make Gelato out of it.

And boy did he ever.  This gelato strikes the perfect balance between an after-work ice cream snack and adult beverage.   It is perfect with our chocolate cobbler but sturdy enough to stand on it’s own two legs. So, with another week predicted to have a heat index of 100-105 degrees, Tyler decided to offer a special to our loyal blog fans and readers.  Starting now through the end of August, Tyler is offering one free scoop of The Hermitage Hotel Jack Daniels Single Barrel Gelato during happy hour, Monday – Friday with the purchase of one of our delicious appetizers.  Please mention code: JDGEL9083 (Only available for guests 21 years and older). So come in and try our Jack Daniels Single Barrel Gelato.  Disclaimer: no refunds allowed for those who try to shoot the gelato and end up with ice cream headaches.

Warm Regards,
Janet Kurtz Director of Sales & Marketing

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