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Hotel Gift Shops Are More Than Just Tylenol & Magazines

On a recent trip to South Beach, I stayed in a boutique hotel on Ocean Drive.  As soon as I walked in, I noticed a dress on a mannequin just beside the elevator.  The attentive bellman noticed me noticing the dress and quickly came to help direct me to the gift shop. 

Well, for what must have been an historic moment in my life, I was not interested in shopping at that time. I was much more interested in getting down to the serious business of lying by the pool.  But I had to admit that another reason kept me out of the gift shop that day: Even though I was at one time counted as a top customer of Rachel’s Gifts at The Hermitage Hotel’s gift shop – because they carry so many cute clothes – I still harbored a bit of a stigma toward gift shops at other hotels.  I mean, these are the places that are tucked away in small rooms because the hotel could not think of anything else to do with the space, right?  They sell Rolaids, toothpaste, and stuffed animals for frazzled business travelers to take home to the kids.  (The stuffed animals, not the Rolaids and toothpaste).  Needless to say, I was not very sold.

That said, the next day, after soaking up all of the sun I could take, I wandered to the hotel gift shop – where my mind was changed about hotel gift shops! I was thrilled to find not just one dress, but two entire walls South Beach dining and club scene worthy clothes.  A couple hours later, I emerged from this shop with the dress I wanted, plus shoes and jewelry to complement the outfit. 

If I had been watching closely during the tours of The Hermitage Hotel I give regularly, I would have realized that gift shops in luxury hotels hold great appeal to many people.  So many times, my tour of our hotel is ultimately delayed by a “peak” in Rachel’s Gifts. 

As downtown residents and employees have come to love The Hermitage Hotel, so have they found a love for Rachel’s Gifts.  Our clothing can add a fun, flirty look to any wardrobe.  The jewelry comes from local boutiques and it often accessorizes wonderfully with something already in your wardrobe.  We also offer the luxurious products that guests enjoy in our rooms, such as Molton Brown beauty products, high thread count bedding and even our extremely popular makeup and shaving mirror.  Also, no need to “help” our luxurious Frette bath sheets escape from the hotel. We have plenty available in Rachel’s Gifts.

Finally, for our guests in August,  in honor of shopping and refreshing your wardrobe, we are offering all of our in-house guests a 15% discount on all clothing, home items, and jewelry select items from Rachel’s Gifts. Basically, this discount applies to anything but the sundries, such as Tylenol, Rolaids, toothpaste, etc.

So, stay with us in August for a last trip before Summer ends and enjoy a discount that allows you to take the memories of your trip home with you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Warm Regards,

Janet Kurtz

Director of Sales & Marketing

P.S. Attention Facebook Fans, remember, by making your reservation on our Facebook Page you receive an additional 15% off of our rates*.  So book today for August and take advantage of this extra special through Rachel’s Gifts. 

*(Restrictions apply)

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