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Memory: A Moveable Feast & Our 2009 Fall Menu

We have all heard or said something along these lines before:

The smell of leather makes me think of new shoes on the first day back to school…

Coffee brewing and bacon frying reminds me of Sunday mornings at my grandmother’s house when I was small…

The taste of that spaghetti sauce takes me back to my honeymoon in Venice so many years ago…

In an exceptional way, our sense of taste and smell are intertwined with our memories.  Food not only satisfies our appetites, but also has the power to evoke a sense of place, feelings of comfort and satisfaction that have nothing to do with how full our bellies get.

It is certainly a tall order to provide that sort of experience to our guests, but that is exactly what we work hard to accomplish at The Capitol Grille, The Hermitage Hotel’s award-winning restaurant.

Executive Chef Tyler Brown recently debuted our Fall 2009 Menu and has produced an outstanding menu of finely crafted Southern heirloom cooking.

If we are lucky enough to call you a guest in our restaurant, we hope that the fork-tender short ribs, the cod wrapped in comforting bacon and lentils or the slowly roasted chicken remind you of the comforts of home, evoke a sense of comfort, warmth and the beauty of true Southern hospitality.

A Preview of Our 2009 Fall Menu:

“Pot Roast” of Beef Shortribs, puréed & puffed potatoes, roasted vegetables.

Bacon Wrapped Cod, stew of lentils and wild mushrooms

Roast Chicken, maitake mushroom, acorn squash, Swiss chard

Pork, Brussels sprouts, pancetta, apple butter

Grilled Venison, house-made venison sausage, heirloom field peas, braised romaine

Boneless Rack of Lamb, Anson mills farro, spinach, local radish

Celebration of Fall, chef’s selection of local seasonal vegetables

Make your reservation at The Capitol Grille online via our website: http://tiny.cc/nwrh7 and be sure to find us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and information.

Janet Kurtz
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Hermitage Hotel


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