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Looking Back on Hermitage Hotel Day

Isn’t it amazing how time flies?  I cannot believe it has been almost a month since we held our two-year centennial celebration kick-off event, a day declared “Hermitage Hotel Day” by Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen.  I wanted to take a moment to reflect on that event with all of you who helped to make it so special.

Even though the rain was steady and the day was unseasonably chilly, business folks from all sides of downtown made the trip to Sixth Avenue North to share an ice cream treat.   We learned that Nashvillians’ ice cream treat of choice is the Nutty Buddy ice cream cone!  It was highly preferred over (my favorite) orange sherbet.

As the ragtime band played old-time standbys like the Star Spangled Banner and everyone stood under the tents to eat their ice cream, I thought about how amazing it is that our not-so-little town can come together, rain or shine, to enjoy a fleeting moment of summer together.

Mayor Karl Dean, actor David Keith and 100 other business and civic leaders were present at the VIP reception immediately following the public ice cream social.  Virtually everyone who has made his or her mark on The Hermitage Hotel over the years attended.

I wanted to take this opportunity as I look back on Hermitage Hotel Day and say, “Thank you.”  If you are a Nashvillian or one of the thousands of guests we’ve had the honor of hosting over the past 100 years, thank you for being a part of the hotel’s success.

Now let’s go out there and start building 100 new years of memories!

Pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook page: become a fan!

Greg Sligh, Managing Director


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Book Launch Party Attracts “A List” Nashvillians and TV News

Ridley Wills II probably has writer’s cramp today. A steady stream of over 100 people lined up last night to have Ridley sign their copies of “The Hermitage at 100—Nashville’s First Million Dollar Hotel

Held on the hotel’s famous veranda, the launch party for the new book on the history of The Hermitage Hotel attracted an “A List” of Nashvillians – many of whom were the grandchildren of the original investors in the hotel. It was a great party. I heard many wonderful stories about the hotel.

Our event also attracted television cameras. Both Channel 4 and Channel 5 showed up to capture the launch of Ridley’s spectacular new book. Maybe you saw it if you were watching the 10 o’clock news last night. Channel 5 did a particularly long story about the hotel, with absolutely stunning photography of the hotel. Click here to see it.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, the 258-page coffeetable-style book traces the significant role The Hermitage Hotel has played in shaping the history of the city, the state and the nation. It will be available for purchase in the hotel’s gift shop and local bookstores for $59.99. Wills will also be at two book-signing events on Saturday, Nov. 21: at Davis Kidd Bookstore in The Mall at Green Hills at 2:00 p.m. and at Borders in Brentwood at 330 Franklin Rd.

Among the things readers will learn:

  • Nashville’s first gold record has connections to The Hermitage Hotel. The song, “Near You,” was written by Francis Craig, whose orchestra played in The Hermitage Hotel’s Grille Room and Ballroom from 1925-1945.
  • Edward Hull “Boss” Crump, the notorious Memphis powerbroker who heavily influenced Tennessee politics in the early and middle decades of the 20th Century, ran his Nashville operations from The Hermitage Hotel.
  • The Hermitage was one of three sites for WSM radio’s opening night broadcast on Oct. 25, 1925.
  • American Airlines first Nashville ticket office was located in The Hermitage Hotel – and it was a replica of the airline’s Hollywood ticket office.
  • The first office of The Nashville Symphony was at The Hermitage Hotel.
  • Two of Nashville’s leading civic clubs were founded at The Hermitage: The Rotary Club in 1914 and The Exchange Club in 1920.
  • The Country Music Association (CMA) was formed in connection with a convention at The Hermitage Hotel.
  • Tennessee was the final state to ratify women’s right to vote n 1920, and both sides of the issue had their headquarters at the hotel.

If you want to know about the ‘real’ history of Nashville, pick up a copy of this incredible book.

Janet Kurtz
Director of Sales & Marketing
The Hermitage Hotel

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The Pillow Menu: Because Luxury is Not One-Size Fits All

If you are anything like me, the first thing you do when you open the door to your hotel room is to sit down on the bed.  After the standard “bounciness” test of the mattress, I inspect the most important feature that will undoubtedly determine my comfort level that night—the pillows.

I have had one too many experiences with bad pillows in my life and this has developed into a near obsession about finding the perfect pillow on which to sleep.  It must not be too soft and contain just the right amount of firmness to gently cradle my neck in the side-sleeping position.

Have you ever been in an airport and seen a full-grown man in his best three-piece suit walking through the terminal carrying a full-size pillow?  I’ve seen it more times than I can count and, you know, I completely understand this man.  He is a connoisseur of pillows and understands that duplicating the perfect-pillow experience outside of one’s home is a difficult task.  So he brings his favorite pillow wherever he goes, ensuring his comfort and good night’s sleep in any location.

Behold the 5-star pillow menu.  At The Hermitage Hotel, we know that in order to provide the best service possible, the luxury we provide each guest must be uniquely tailored to fit each individual.   That’s why two years ago, I created and implemented the Hermitage Hotel Pillow Menu.

Here’s how it works.  Every one of our rooms comes standard with four extra-fluffy premium goose-down pillows and plush down comforter.   As the bellman drops off your luggage, he will point out your personal pillow menu—a list that lets you know that we have placed three other pillow options in the closet for your comfort:
•    Buckwheat:  this pillow is stuffed with hulls of buckwheat, a natural and renewable resource that provides excellent support of the head, neck and back because the hulls contour to the weight and shape of the body during sleep.
•    Latex foam: this pillow is recommended for our allergy-sensitive guests.  Latex foam pillows offer medium support and maintain a constant temperature all night long.
•    Memory foam: this pillow, another hypoallergenic option, is our firmest in the collection. It allows complete neck support, a popular option for side-sleepers.

The three options above are already in your room for you to test to find your favorite, but if we can better tailor your pillow experience, other options detailed on your menu that we will be happy to bring to you, free of charge, include:

•    Neck pillow
•    Reading pillow
•    Body pillow
•    Water pillow
•    Contour leg pillow

We’ve had amazing response to our pillow menu—some of our guests love their pillows so much, they purchase them at the time of checkout so they can continue the excellent rest they enjoyed while staying with us.

When you choose The Hermitage Hotel, you choose luxury, and, in turn, we believe it is our responsibility to customize that experience and ensure that we can do everything possible to make your experience comfortable.  It’s one of the reasons we are Tennessee’s only 5-star and 5-diamond rated property.  So, come experience the pillow menu for yourself—and let me know which pillow option you preferred!

Dee Patel

Rooms Executive
The Hermitage Hotel
231 Sixth Avenue North
Nashville, TN  37219

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