Best Wedding Proposal Contest Stories (Part 4)

Me and my fiancée were next-door neighbors. We were married to different people that both ended in divorce. We started dating about seven years ago and had decided that we were never going to get married again and were content to live our lives just living together.

We went to St Georges Island last year with some family members for a vacation and we were all out enjoying the sun when his daughter brought me the most beautiful shell as I was looking at it I turn it over and she had wrote on it ronna will you… then his son handed me another shell just like the first one and when I turned it over he had wrote. Marry our Daddy.

I thought they were kidding me but then I turned around and there he was on one knee with a ring asking me to be his wife. I was in total shock and I all can remember is my brother hollering get the camera it’s going down.

We are getting married in June with his children at our sides and those beautiful seashells will be apart of the ceremony. – Ronna Price

I met my best friend and fiance Matt Tolios while online on myspace. Matt was serving his first tour in Iraq in January of 2007. Neither of us remembers who contacted who first – we like to tell people that Jesus gave us to each other. We met face to face for the first time in April of 2007 while Matt was home in New Hampshire on R&R and have been together ever since. Matt was stationed in Germany on his return from Iraq and I had visited him there a couple of times when he asked me to come for a visit last May. Unknown to me, Matt had bought a ring and had spent two weeks planning the perfect proposal. Everyone we knew was in on the secret but me! The day after I arrived in Germany, Matt asked a friend and his girlfriend to accompany us on a trip to the castle near their base. His friend, who was in on the secret, had his camera ready. After strolling through the town and the gardens, Matt pulled me to an outlook in the castle that overlooked the town. The church bells in town chimed promptly at 5 each night and Matt wanted to be sure to have the bells ringing while he proposed. He dropped to his knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked that instead of saying YES right away I said, “Are you kidding me?” Both of us were so caught up in the moment that we did not hear the church bells tolling out their joy at our perfect moment! Luckily for us, Matt’s friend Justin got great pictures of the entire proposal. We are getting married December 19th of this year when Matt returns from his second tour in Iraq. I am so lucky to have had a fairy tale proposal from the love of my life, and we are looking forward to our next 100 years together. Matt will always be my prince! – Chelsie Rosdhal

I meet my husband thru some coworker who went to church with him. He asked me to come to church; I was late for our first meeting because I didn’t know that it would take as long as it did to drive to the church (45 minutes from my house). We clicked from the beginning. In April 2008, one Sunday morning, before the preacher got up to preach, he announced that he had something to say. He asked me to come up front and said that as everyone at church had been a part of our courtship he thought it only right that they should be apart of this. As I came up to the front and turned around, I could not believe the cameras. I knew something was up and I was the only one that had no clue. After I came up, he held my hand, bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him in church where we had first met. – Chassity Burks

My husband, Jay, and I met our first day of medical school in Texas, and started dating during the first year. The winter of our fourth year of medical school we were busy interviewing all over the country at hospitals to do our residency programs. I had interviews in New York City and unfortunately we were not able to interview there at the same time. Jay was going to be in classes that week back in Dallas. In fact, because of our different interview schedules, we had hardly seen each other much of December!
I was staying with relatives of Jay’s during my interview trip, and we had planned to get together to look at the shop windows decorated for Christmas and do some sightseeing after one of my interviews. On December 13th, the morning of my interview, his aunt and uncle told me when and where they would meet up with me, at Rockefeller Center, by the big Christmas tree.

After my interview, I walked to Rockefeller Center. I remember rounding the corner and seeing the beautiful tree- I called Jay and left him a message about how much I wished he could be there with me. I made my way over to the spot by the tree that his family had told me to meet them. I was looking around at all the people, when I saw someone coming towards me that looked very much like Jay! In fact- it was Jay! I apparently stood there with my mouth gaping open, completely surprised! Jay came up to me, gave me a huge hug, and when I finally let go, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me… I said yes!

Of course his aunt and uncle had helped set everything up, and my parents were in on it as well, as Jay had visited them the night before to get their blessing.

We were thrilled to go to Vanderbilt for residency, and we love Nashville. For our 5-year anniversary we stayed at the Hermitage and ate at the Capitol Grille. I love him more every day and he is a wonderful husband! – Rebecca Isbell

How we got engaged (in Jay’s words)
A little background…

Ashley and I met in Destin, FL on June 27th, 2008. She was on vacation and I was there for a wedding. Our paths crossed and my life was forever changed. We started talking seriously about getting married around the 2008 holidays. We discussed how getting married on the beach in Destin would fit our story perfectly. However, we realized that the location was not ideal for the type of wedding we wanted as some very dear guests might not be able to attend. So we opted for a more traditional wedding setting and decided it would be best to have the ceremony near Ashley’s home in Tennessee. I remembered the disappointment in her voice when we came to the realization that a Destin wedding just was not a viable option. That was when I set out to give her the next best thing.

Fast forward a couple of months…

By the middle of February 2009, I had the ring and the strongest of hopes that Ashley would give me her hand in marriage. My goal was to completely surprise her with a proposal. So with the help of her parents, Beverly and Gaylon, (whom I can’t thank enough for all they did to ensure that she received the proposal she so deserved), I flew to Murfreesboro on a Thursday night with the intent of surprising her at work on Friday. On Friday morning Beverly and I went to Ashley’s house and packed a weekend bag for her. From there, we went to Cason Lane where Ashley teaches first grade. We surprised her at lunch with the help of her principal, Chad Fletcher. Chad’s angry ruse made her a little nervous as she walked into his office, only to find us, and to discover that he was not, in fact, angry. Chad was kind enough to find a substitute teacher to cover her class for the rest of the afternoon and Ashley and I were off to Florida. I still did not want her to know the real reason we were going so I needed a good story. For plausibility, I told her that the trip to Destin was a belated Valentine’s gift because she had been in Wilmington on Valentine’s Day so we couldn’t have gone then. She was so excited. On Friday night we got settled in and went to the spot where we had originally met. We laughed all night. It was wonderful.

At dawn on Saturday February 21st I took Ashley to the beach to watch the sun rise. I had the ring and a feeling of nervousness that I have never known before. We talked and watched the sun break the horizon and spill pink, purple, and orange across the morning Florida sky. Ashley, as she always is, was cold. I remember holding her and talking about how beautiful the whole scene was. I told her that it paled in comparison to her. We talked for a few more minutes and walked a little further down the beach. At some point I stopped her and took her hands in mine. As I looked into her eyes and got down on one knee she began to shake and cry. I asked her if she would marry me. She just held me while continuing to cry. I looked up and saw her nodding her head and asked if that meant yes. She said, “Yes, it does.” As I stood up and put the ring on her finger I saw that smile that I have fallen in love with so many times now. We just stood there, in the cold air, hugging each other and fighting back the tears of joy. Those early morning moments on the beach are permanently etched in my memory. It was only fitting that the start of our life together begin at dawn… – Ashley Davis

Ashley and I looked out across the most beautiful lobby in the world, at all the smiling family and friends gathered for our event. I slid my hand down to support her back and she leaned back gingerly. She looked up with the most loving blue eyes and I leaned in for a gentle kiss. And so we kicked off our wedding celebration from the grand balcony at the Hermitage Hotel. I couldn’t help but feel how lucky we were, and how we had gotten to this day…

I had the ring, the father’s permission, and a plan. A few months back, at a charity auction for Big Brother’s and Big Sisters, I had bought a weekend’s stay at a hotel in Traverse City, Michigan. Michigan, some may know, is shaped like a left hand – and Traverse City is located at the top of the ring finger. We had begun dating on Labor Day two years prior, and I was ready to have another eventful Labor Day weekend. The time and place were perfect. I don’t think she suspected anything.

We began the weekend at sleeping bear dunes, where the clear blue skies blend into the clearest water. On the soft summer sand, we laid out a quilt crafted by grandma and enjoyed a picnic from Cherry Republic. After the tangy sandwiches, salty chips, and iced tea, Ashley curled up next to me and we shared a fantastic nap with that sublime feeling that all was right with the world.

You know how they say that having the ring burns a hole in your pocket? The whole week I had it, I couldn’t stop looking at it sparkle and being eager to give it to Ashley. That Saturday afternoon, I tucked it into my pocket and we began with a tour of Mission Peninsula Wineries. We spent the afternoon enjoying white wines, red wines, and it wouldn’t be Northern Michigan without fine cherry wines. We dined that evening at this quaint restaurant downtown. After dinner, we strolled out to the beach. The sun had set a little more than I had wanted, and we looked out at the moon glistening on the water and the stars aligning. Ashley was still gazing out at the tall ships, and I dropped down to one knee. I looked up at my love and I asked Ashley to be my bride. Luckily for me, she said yes. And then on account of the darkness, she asked if she could see the ring.

The wedding at the Hermitage was more than I can have imagined. I suspect many little girls dream of such a spectacular day. I loved seeing my princess for the first time that day in the promenade, and the private moment we shared before being announced on the balcony. We are so happy that the Hermitage is part of our story. We plan to spend every anniversary there. Though we have been married less than a year, we haven’t missed one yet! – Todd Witte

When I was a kid my older brothers used to tease me about a three-toed sloth living in my closet that would come out at night to get me. He, of course, was too slow and never made it to me before having to turn back mid-night to his ever elusive hiding spot. After years of fear for the monster turned to laughter around the family table, I grew to have had an odd love for the strange slow moving creatures. Which makes it very appropriate that I would fall for a guy just as cuddly and nap prone as my favored animal.

Being the two big kids that we are, my boyfriend Courtney and I set out to go to the Nashville Zoo as a fun date while the weather was beautiful and while we were both off of work. I was naturally bummed that my favorite animal isn’t found in many zoo’s and of course as fate would have it, not anywhere near Nashville either. After a few minutes of grumbling, actually it was more like days of sad statements over the non-presence of sloths; I chippered up for the day of fun for just the two of us.

As we entered into the zoo parking lot and began walking with the crowd Courtney gently tugged my hand off to the left, taking a path to an adjacent building. Now, there are very few times I question my location due to my terrible sense of direction, however, I did question why we were going so far from everyone else. His response was that we were getting season passes to the zoo and that everyone else wanted general admission. Satisfied with his response, I began taking in more of the scenery and as we walked in I was again tugged by Courtney’s hand into a smaller room where my jaws dropped and my eyes couldn’t believe what I saw. In our own little room was a handler and a real live sloth named Brooke! We spent an hour with Brooke and her handler, petting and feeding her everything from kiwi to her favorite snack, Cheez Itz. She would stretch out her arm to hold onto both of us and even gave me a lick or a “kiss” on the chin. Brooke was actually an educational sloth and would frequently be taken to auditoriums to entertain and educate children about different animals. Courtney had her brought all the way from Kentucky just for me! Incredibly happy and still amazed, I helped Brooke into her crate and as she was being taken out I turned to see Courtney holding a ring box as he got on one knee. Tears began to well up and I don’t remember a word of what he said when he got on his knee but I of course, remember nodding my head and being barely able to say yes through the emotion. For the next few weeks I could not stop smiling at the great experience I had just had and am continually imagining the even more exciting ones to come after our marriage on August 15th. – Mindy McReynolds

My boyfriend and I had been dating almost 5 years when he proposed May 2, 2009. He had told me earlier in the week that he wanted to take me to the park on Saturday. I was excited but as the week went on the weather for Saturday was calling for rain. Tyler decided that it would not be best to go to the park so he suggested we go to Starbucks and talk because he said that was my favorite thing to do. How thoughtful? 🙂 Saturday Ty picked me up and we headed to Starbucks. We went in and talked for a while but the music was too loud, we decided to leave. We both work at our church so he said he needed to stop by and finish some things up at the church before we went to eat dinner. I also had some last minute things to finish up. When I was done we went into the production room at the church. The production room looks into the sanctuary. He told me he needed me to watch the screens and make sure that words on the screen were centered. He proceeded to go through a lot of words. I asked him do I still need to watch the screen. He said yes please. Then the words “Find the white box” pop up on the screen. I said “What?” He told me to go into the sanctuary and find the white box. (Now let me tell you that the sanctuary is not small!) I went into the sanctuary and I began to walk around. I walked down every isle and I could not find this white box. After some guidance I found a big white box under one of the pews. I picked up the box and I opened it. I pulled out a teddy bear and it had a tux on. On its tux, its said Will you marry me?? I looked down at Ty and he was down on one knee holding the ring. He said, “Will you marry me?” I said yes. 🙂 He was shaking when I hugged him! It was the most perfect proposal. I loved that it was just he and I in this huge sanctuary. It was so romantic! He had also planned a party for us at his house! It was so thoughtful of him to plan a party for us so we could celebrate with all our friends! – Ashly Eaglen

Kenneth and I meet on July 4th 1974 and it was fireworks from the very minute I looked into those baby blue eyes. After we dated for a few weeks he started saying when we buy our house, our kids will never or on our anniversaries lets do. The first time he said our kids will never do that I about fainted. I thought our kids? Kenneth and I meet in the summer between our junior and senior year of high school and no one thought it would ever last. On Christmas Morning of 1974 he came over and picked me up to go to his parents and we had breakfast and went to the living room to open presents and they were all smiling and everyone kept looking at me with this big grin on their face. Kenneth’s Mother handed me a present and I thought it was from her. It didn’t have a tag on it so I just assumed. I opened it an it was full of wash clothes. I thought what the hell is this and she said keep looking and when I did at the bottom of the box was a ring box with my engagement ring in it. Of course I started to cry and Kenneth an I hugged but he never asked me to marry him. It was a very odd moment. So we finished our time there and went back to my parents house and I showed everyone my ring and My Mama started tell the story of when he came over to show her and my Daddy the ring and to ask my Daddy for my hand in marriage. She said he was so cute and nervous and he got the ring stuck on his pinky when I came out to the living room and we had to drive to his house so he could go to the bathroom and get it off with soap. He did all this without me ever knowing what was going on. So after being with his family when I got the ring and than going to my family we finally got on the road to go to my Grannie’s and when we were on the road for about 30 mins. He looked over at me and said, “WELL DO YOU WANT IT”? Now is that romantic or what.

Just to let you know this little couple that no one every thought would make it have been together 35 years this fourth of July and Married 34 years this August 1st….. – Toni Pugh Eaton

My fiancé’ & I meet 3 years ago volunteering for a local youth ministry in Knoxville. However, a little over a year after we started dating I took a job in Murfreesboro making us a little over 3 hours from each other. We visited each other often & my now fiancé’ Bethany (I call her Beffers as a made up pet name) would always like to do little things for me to show how much she really cared. When I would visit her we would do everything together. We would go on road trips, take hikes in the Smokey’s, visit waterfalls off the beaten path, & even drive up to the mountain tops in the wee hours of the morning to watch the sunrise and on every destination we would photograph our journey. Many of these visits she would sometimes make a small treat for me or treat me to a meal but what really had the most meaning to her was making personalized slide shows that would show us together doing random things or of our road trips that show us just being in love. When I decided to pop the question, I had it all planned out. It was the weekend of the anniversary of our first kiss, it was definitely something that she was very special to her, and I was coming in for a visit. Since I knew that she absolutely loved making picture movies & slideshows for me on her computer, I knew that had to be the way to go. I stayed up late for 3 nights gathering the perfect music & pictures of us together showing all the places we’ve went, all of the things we’ve done, & all of the experiences that we’ve shared together as a couple. When I came in that Friday night I really wanted to make it a surprise & get her to think that nothing was out of the ordinary. To really go the extra mile to throw her off, I pretended that something was bothering me & that I started to act a little distant; you know, avoiding eye contact, shying away from an affectionate kiss, you get the picture. I knew that it being the anniversary weekend of our first kiss she was really wanting the weekend to be special but the whole fact of me intentionally putting on a show of being distant wasn’t starting the weekend off on the right foot in her mind for sure. Before we parted for the night, I threw out the idea that we should go watch the sunrise in the morning, telling her that might cheer me up. She begrudgingly agreed so we woke up early the next morning, she still being irritated at me for not showing a lot of interest already & for having to get up very early in the morning, to watch the sunrise over the North Carolina mountain tops at the site of our first date. We hiked to very top of Max Patch, she still irritated and me still playing along. She was determined that no matter what she was going to enjoy herself, all until I pull my laptop out of my backpack which she disliked even more. When I got the laptop up & running, it was finally time to show off the perfect slideshow. With the sun rising in front of us, she was fixed to the computer screen when I started the slideshow, watching the pictures of us & our travels scroll by up until my last slide, which was a picture of a closed ring box asking her to say yes. She was so taken back; she had to ask me to ask her again there on the mountaintop. From her surprise & response, I knew it was the perfect way to ask if she would marry me. We stayed there half of the morning, taking pictures & holding each other, taking in all the creation around us. It truly was a perfect day. – Keith Carpenter

I am writing in for my daughter and future son in law. My Daughter laChanda is a nursing, EMT and fire fighter with a very stressful life. She loves getting lost in a good movie to forget the daily stresses. My future son in law Robbie is also a fire fighter and a soldier soon to be deployed. Because they are so close and have such a great relationship it is hard to keep anything from the other so this proposal was not only creative but pulled off to my surprise without a glitch. So here goes the events leading to the proposal.
Robbie gathered pictures of him and LaChanda from the beginning of their relationship until now put them on the computer and made a 4 minute movie set to the music of “Will You Marry Me”. He then contacted all the local theaters to see if he could get them to play this movie on Easter Sunday before the movie we were going to see. He had one theater to agree so he had me take the movie on a Thursday before and make sure everything was going according to plan. Since my daughter is so suspicious of Robbie making a suggestion in advance (he is a spur of a moment kind of guy) He had me declare Easter Sunday as my family day (which I do occasionally when I need my family for a day). I announced that on Sunday I wanted a family day and we were going to Jackson to see I Love You Man!…. No Exceptions!

Easter Sunday after going out to eat we head to the theaters. This is Easter, so there are very few people at the movies. We get there a little early get the drinks and popcorn. Head up to the perfect seats and the advertisements begin. Suddenly in the middle of all the advertisements you see Robbie & LaChanda on the big screen and the music begins. It was a breath taking video and left no one with a dry eye. Needless to say the video ended with a picture of the ring that said LaChanda Will You Marry Me? And Robbie on bended knee with the ring. LaChanda said yes and we are set for August 28, 2009.
I have heard of many types of proposals but have never heard of playing a movie at the movies and I think this was the first time anything was pulled on LaChanda without her knowledge. I can send the video if you would like to see it. I really feel these two deserve this package. – Paula Cordle

I met my future husband, Phillip, when he was a student at the Divinity School at Vanderbilt. I was visiting my mom, who worked for the dean of Vanderbilt’s Medical School. Waiting for her lunch hour to start, I walked across campus looking for a particular building. I was lost. Phillip walked up the steps in front of the Divinity School’s Chapel, I told him I was lost, and he graciously walked me to the building I was looking for. We talked for a while, and we agreed to go out later that week.

I went back to my mom’s office and told her how I was standing outside of the Divinity School and met this wonderful person.

She said, “The Divinity School?!? Why weren’t you standing outside of the Medical School? Or at least the Law Library!”

Ha! My mom was “looking out” for her daughter’s best interests. She didn’t want me to “end up” with a poor pastor.

After my mom and Phillip met, she forgot which school he was attending and approved. About a year later, Phillip and I were at his brother’s house listening to a thunderstorm. When the storm passed, we went outside on the front porch, looking at the clouds and listening to the far-off rumble. Phillip lovingly asked me to marry him, and I readily agreed. He later said knew the lightning storm was the best time to ask because if we were not struck down right then and there by a lightning strike from heaven, he knew God approved of the two of us being together.

We got married at the Chapel of the Divinity School, where we had met. Our honeymoon night was spent at the Hermitage Hotel, May 25, 1985–24 years ago this year. – Cathy Cole Wright

One Saturday my now fiancé left to go metal detecting as I was leaving to go shopping. He told me to he would find me something while metal detecting if I were to get him something while I was out shopping. Later that evening when we met back up. I forgot about our conversation from earlier about him getting me something. We went to go eat supper and he was quieter than usual. I just thought he was tired. We got back home and watched TV. During a commercial, he took my Maltese out to use the bathroom. When he came back in, he said, “Look what Percy got into”. As my dog ran back inside to me, I was looking for mud or something. He had a gold ribbon around his neck and my ring was tied around his neck. I was speechless at first, and then he asked me to marry him. It was so sweet!! – Tara Jacobs



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  1. Lauren and Sean

    Sean and I met in Seoul, South Korea. We were both English teachers and knew mutual friends. After becoming friends and discovering Korea together, we knew that we wanted to discover all that life has to offer as a couple. When Christmas came around and we both realized that due to our work schedules and the time difference we were not able to go home in time to celebrate with family, we decided to go to Thailand together. We spent 10 days in the jungles of Thailand white water rafting, cooking and sleeping amongst the amazing vegetation, animals and to Sean’s dismay the GIANT Spiders! It was the most amazing experience mainly because we were experiencing it together. Near the end of our journey we were deep into the jungle and were extremely remote. Our guide had arranged for an elephant to come get us and hike us up the vertical climb that was dauntingly ahead of us. We were astounded at how these mammoth animals were able to climb such a rocky, narrow and steep hike. The higher we got, the tighter our grip became. It truly felt as though we would soon plummet to our demise at any moment, but we loved every moment of it. When we reached the top, our grasp loosened (just a little) and Sean looked at me and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and asked if I would marry him. I hadn’t showered in 10 days, I had no make up on, and it was the best moment of my life. We are now back in Korea and scheduled to go home this month. We are not sure where that will be yet as Sean is from Michigan, USA and I am from Toronto, Canada, but wherever we end up we know it will be just another blissful adventure.

  2. Wow great collection, i love all the different stories.


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