Best Wedding Proposal Contest Stories (Part 2)

It all began on a normal Wednesday afternoon. Preston had called and said he was invited to go deep-sea fishing with some of his friends to the Bahamas. Of course I told him to have fun and go. It would be a good weekend for him to get away with the guys.

Thursday evening my friend Heidi Allen calls and says that she just won top sales rep of the month. She also said that her company was giving her an all-inclusive trip to NYC for her and a friend. She called me!! WOO HOO was I excited. Of course I wanted to go. Fly to NYC, staying free in a nice hotel in Times Square and best yet, get to go see a Broadway Show. All I needed to do was book a flight for Saturday. Preston “helped” me find a flight and I was all set to fly out on Saturday.

Friday afternoon Preston calls and says he is on his way to the Bahamas. He even calls me Friday night and pretends he just got done fishing and then he was going to go grill out for dinner. Heidi was supposed to text or call me with the address of the hotel Friday night, but Saturday morning I had nothing from her. I just figured she would text me while I was on the flight (my flight was at 6:45 a.m. so I figured she was just sleeping) I land in NYC and I still have no text from Heidi. I call her and text her but no answer. Wow, I thought she was playing a mean joke on me and she really wasn’t there. Normally I would have got annoyed, but I actually was having fun just hanging out at the airport watching the planes come in and out. I was stuck in the airport for 3 hours and finally Heidi calls. She apologizes profusely and said that her phone died and she left her charger in L.A. (for everyone that knows Heidi, this is something she would totally do. By the way. Heidi is my friend from college. She just moved to L.A. back in the fall) I jump in a cab and head to the hotel. Once I get to the hotel (Millennium Broadway on 44th and Broadway) I unpack and relax for a while. Wow, I was really in NYC, for FREE with one of my friend for the weekend. I was so excited!

Finally at 5:30 p.m. Heidi texts me and says that her company was meeting to hang out before dinner and the show and to meet her at a hotel called Dream Hotel on 55th and Broadway. She told me once I get there to go all the way up to the top floor because her company booked the top of the hotel. When I first get to the hotel I see that there are blue lights all around. The first things that come to my mind were wow Preston would really love this.

I get in the elevator to go up to the top floor. Once to the top there was a bouncer at the foot of one more flight of stairs. I go up to him and tell him I am with Heidi. He tells me to go on up and Heidi is waiting for me. I walk up the stairs and I am ready to see my friend and have fun.

Let me pause here and try to describe what I saw when I reached the top. Normally during the summer, the hotel top is wide open and you can see Time Square, but this night since it was colder there was a white tent that fit the whole thing. The tent was draped with white curtains all around. There were black chandeliers with blue lights and candles everywhere. Michael Buble was playing over the sound system.
Okay now you have somewhat of a picture of what I saw. I was frozen in awe. I was expecting Heidi but there was no one up there. I look to my left and I saw this guy sitting on a couch in front of a fireplace. Wow, he looked like Preston. Again, I stood there not moving. Oh my goodness, it was Preston. What was he doing here? I thought he was in the Bahamas. He slowing got up and walked over to me. He said the sweetest things I have ever heard, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

He proposed to me! I was in complete shock he had to ask me twice because I kept repeating myself “Are you for real?” Yes! It was for real. My best friend. My one true love. We are engaged and it was a dream come true. Everyone has that special moment when the one you love with all your heart asks to be with you forever. I was lucky enough to find such a guy. He is the best partner a girl could ever ask for. I cannot wait until our wedding day when I can look into this eyes and become his wife!
Check out our website: – Jenn Pitoscia

Check out our wedding website at you can also check out everything to do with our wedding at Richard and I have been together for 10 years now. We are finally going to get married on Friday July 3, 2009(our original anniversary date we got together on), the wedding will be during the day. We will be getting married at Clovercroft Chapel in Franklin TN. We will hold our ceremony there and our reception will follow there. One of our friends Brad Anderson will be playing the piano and singing live, the chapel has a state of the art sound system and we will also have a dance floor, finger foods, activity books for the kids, and many other things.

How We Met:
We met in middle school through a friend

How We Got Engaged:
We went to Nashville Shores and watched the fireworks that night, during the finally of the fireworks Richard got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes. Everyone around us was clapping for us, both of our hearts were beating fast just like they were 10 years ago when we were teenagers and Richard had asked me to date him at the same place and fireworks show on Percy Priest Lake. – Jill Nicole Easley

Well, my husband always bought paper towels. When I asked why he did, he said they were on sale, and he couldn’t resist. Well after a while we had over 30 rolls of paper towel. Fast forward a few months, and we were down to one roll. I told him about it and his reply was ” see I knew it. Well a couple of weeks later was Christmas and on Christmas morning I had a very big box under the tree. I thought it was a TV, When I opened it, it was 12 Rolls of Paper Towel, there was a card on top that said ” Free gift with the purchase of 12 rolls” and on a string attached to that was my engagement ring, and he got down on one knee and said ” Will you marry me and let me buy paper towels for you” I had to laugh and cry at the same time. We have been married for almost 18 years…. and we never run out of paper towel! – Renee Zoltowski

Brian told Frances he had a trip “planned” to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend with their friends Kamadi (one of the groomsmen) and Elise to visit friends and family. A few days before they were supposed to leave Frances’s best friend Khai (the matron of honor) called and asked them to stop in Columbus for the preschool graduation of her son Jaylen, Frances’s nephew (the ring bearer). Brian and Frances agreed but Frances thought it was weird that Khai told Frances so last minute. So the plan changed and Brian said they would leave Nashville Friday and stop in Columbus, Indiana for the graduation, then continue on to Chicago on Saturday afternoon. When Friday came Brian said he was sick and could not leave. Frances was worried about him but was slightly irritated at the fact he was making her late for the graduation. When everyone arrived in Columbus at Khai’s house Frances found out she missed the graduation. Khai said it wasn’t a big deal and asked Frances to go shopping for Jaylen with her and then take him to Mill Race Park to play for a little while.

After some brief shopping they headed to the park. As soon as Khai pulled into the park she drove to the Observation Tower that overlooks the whole city. This park/tower is also significant to Frances because her Dad built it several years ago. When they pulled up to the tower Khai stopped the car and turned on Brian and Frances’s favorite song at the time “Love is you” by Chrisette Michele. Khai then handed her a beautiful photo album with Brian and Frances’s picture on the front. Frances started crying at that moment because she finally knew what was going on. As she looked through the album Brian had placed all types of pictures from their whole relationship with captions for each. When she turned to the last page there was no picture but a caption that said “The Day I Asked You to Marry Me”.

Khai then led Frances to the tower and they started walking up the stairs on the way to the top. On the first landing there were Roses everywhere with a note that told the significance of the color of rose and a message from Brian. Frances was crying too much to read it, so Khai had to read to her. This continued for 8 flights of stairs, each landing having more different colored roses and a new note. When Frances reached the last landing the stairs leading to the top were covered with Raspberry satin and rose petals. After climbing the stairs Frances saw Brian standing at the top with a Rose his hand and roses all around him. Brian professed his love to Frances and then got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Through all the tears she managed to say, “Yes”. Right after she said, “Yes” she heard cheering down below. Brian had arranged to have their families share in the joyous moment.

Proposal occurred on 5/24/08 we will be married on 5/24/09 exactly one year from the day he proposed!

Thanks for letting us share our story! – Frances B Lunsford

After spending almost an entire week in Greece visiting my sister (Kelli), my parents, Kelli, Amy (my other sister) and I were picked up in a limo and whisked away to the beautiful ruins of Cape So union. Kelli and her classmates declared the Greek ruins to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Greece. Tourists flock to the site not necessarily for the temple to the god of the sea, but rather for the sun setting on the Aegean Sea. After a scenic drive along the coast of the Sarconic Gulf, we arrived at our destination.

At first site, the place wasn’t all that impressive, but as we rounded the pathway leading to the summit of the peninsula, the beauty of the place became obvious. Josh, to my knowledge still in Nashville, had sent me on a photo hunt the entire week – including video footage. Kelli had confiscated the camera during the 45 minute ride to Sounion, so as we reached the top, she suggested I stand in front of the Temple of Poseidon and blow a kiss to Josh. Without much hesitation, I began my routine. After I finished, Kelli didn’t turn off the camera. Suddenly, I felt someone behind me. I turned to find Josh (in Greece and not in Nashville!) standing there in a tux with a breathtaking red rose. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. He tried to hug me, but I was so shocked I quickly pulled away to look at him to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. He suggested we walk closer to the cliff overlooking the sea. I followed his lead and little did I know what he had planned for the moments to come.

Still battling confusion and total shock, I listened to him. And as quickly as he appeared in front of me he dropped to one knee asking for my hand in marriage. After I said yes, the strangers around us applauded his proposal. My family, standing several yards away, reported the only words they could hear from me where a gleeful “yeah right!” So as the sun set over the sea and temple, Josh and I celebrated the unofficial beginning to the rest of our lives. – Erin Estepp Link

Well, first let me apologize but for some crazy reason my husband and I didn’t take any pictures of the hotel while we were there on our anniversary and my profile pic is of another hotel in Louisville… after much bourbon… we must come back…
Here’s our story…My husband and I had been dating for 7 years. We loved to travel and decided to take a two-week trip to Europe with just our backpacks. No travel plans once we arrived… We started in Paris, at a hostel, with only bunk beds and no towels… how romantic… then off to Amsterdam where you couldn’t find a hostel available, I got pick pocketed, and almost hit by a tram, OK off to Copenhagen, at this point we were both a little punchy and the weather took a turn for the worse… plus I’m 5’5″ and brunette, why in the world he would take me to a place full of 6′ beautiful blondes is beside me… The weather started to clear up and we decided to go to Tivoli Gardens… beautiful rose gardens, roller coasters, but I was hungry and thirsty… he couldn’t make up his mind where to go… I mean it took him nearly an hour and then we sat down on a bench and he turned to me and said, I left the ring at home because I thought I would either lose it or I would set off alarms at the airport but would you marry me… we both began to cry and I kid you not, there were fireworks, up in the sky, Tivoli Gardens has fireworks and they just happened to be at that very moment, not planned honest…. the entire rest of the trip was awesome. When we got home my whole family had already known he was going to ask me on the trip… that little stinker. Just celebrated our 6th anniversary! – Tobi Silgman
My husband and I were best friends in High School and although we NEVER thought of dating one another back then we definitely had a great friendship.

Fast forward 10 years after HS, I ran into him at the gym. We were both dating other people, broke up with other people, and commiserated with one another about the “other person”. One night after a bottle of wine he kissed me. It dawned on me he may actually be date-able! 4 years later we talked marriage. He is the first to admit he isn’t the “romantic planner”, much more spur of the moment guy. So he gets a beautiful ring with his friend and decides to propose to me on Christmas Eve and here’s what my mate does. I am cooking for our family Christmas Eve dinner; he comes home and gives me a kiss hello. I turn back to crack an egg and crack the egg right on the engagement ring he deposited into the bowl. I then pick the ring up, rinse it off, look at him (he is kind of shy and silent) and say “so…do you have something you want to ask me”? He then says, “Oh, will you marry me?”

It is ironic and actually not planned but today we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and with 3 kids under our belt we couldn’t be happier! – Jamie Parsons Lescher

I’d already found the ring in his sock drawer. I was over at his home, and I got a little tired of seeing a pile of laundry needing to be done. So I did it. Ok, maybe I was poking around a little, but I really had no idea he’d already bought a ring. It made me wonder why he’d not asked me to marry him yet. Several weeks went by. And still, nothing. No date, no dinner out at a fancy restaurant. No special trip somewhere.

This was shortly after 9-11-2001. It turns out he’d bought the ring a few days before that event. I had no idea at the time, but looking back, it all makes sense now. My then fiancé, now husband, was a pilot. Not the kind that flies people around in big airplanes, but
The kind that likes to fly upside down in a little tiny tin can with wings and a propeller on it. Now honestly, I’m not a big fan of flying, but I feel safe when he’s flying. He’s super safety conscious when he pilots. As it turns out, his plans to propose to me were
“Grounded,” so to speak. His plan involved taking me on a little trip in an airplane.

As soon as they started allowing private flights to resume after 9-11, he told me he’d set aside Saturday to take me shopping. We were going to make a short flight from Fort Lauderdale Executive airport to Vero Beach, FL. There were some outlet shops up there I liked to visit.

Once we were up there, we’d either rent or borrow a car from the airport to do a little shopping and lunch, and then return. Well, I later found out his plans were not quite working out on his end. What he’d intended to do wouldn’t quite work out? So the day
Before (I later learned), he and a friend had loaded up in the same airplane with a field paint sprayer, and a box of field spray paint bottles! They’d flown out to a little airfield in Pahokee, FL. A tiny little farming community (with no shops or nice restaurants, I might add). They’d spent several hours painting a sign in the field next to the airport.

So we arrive at the airport on Saturday, load up, and he informs me that he’s received recent instructions, based upon the current rules for flying, that we couldn’t fly directly up to Vero Beach. He said this was due to restrictions concerning flying over and around
nuclear power plants (there’s one on the way up there, or something like that). I didn’t know that he was making this all up, but I knew that if we’d not been flying along the coast, we’d have not been heading to Vero Beach, so he had to make something up.

He told me we’d be going to Pahokee, and that he had something fun planned anyway, and then we could go on up to Vero Beach via an inland route. I believed him. As we began to approach Pahokee, he lowered the airplane to (as he said) 1000 feet above the ground. He’d taped the ring to the inside of the yolk (the steering wheel on an airplane), to where I couldn’t see it, but he could get to it easily without distracting his focus on flying the airplane.

Along the way, he kept pointing things out on the ground. Lots of stuff, so I didn’t initially pay much attention when he dipped the wing to the right and said, “HEY! Look what’s in that field!” I looked at it for a minute, and then I thought, “Wow, that’s weird, someone named Vanessa is getting proposed to!”

Then it hit me, the sign said, “VANESSA WILL YOU MARRY ME?” in giant white letters painted on the grass of this huge field! I looked over at Pete, and he had a ring in his hand. THE RING! The one I’d seen in his sock drawer a few weeks earlier.

I grabbed the ring out of his hand and put it on my ring finger! I don’t know who was in more shock!?! He didn’t even get a chance to slip it on my finger. I reached over and hugged him.

I think he’d not thought about how to at this point fly the airplane and deal with my in a crazy emotional state! So he swiftly landed the airplane at the field. We got out, hung out a bit, found someone to snap a photo (which is unfortunately long lost now), and then packed back up and headed home. No shopping. No fancy lunch out. Just a beautiful new ring on my finger!

When we got back to Fort Lauderdale, my family was waiting for us at the airport with flowers and greetings and joy! They knew the whole plan all along. They knew he had a ring. They knew about his lies to me! Heck, they even kept me guessing, and totally sold me on the idea that it would happen a few weeks from now. So it was all a complete surprise! A wonderful, memorable, loving and sweet surprise!

It was a flight I’ll never forget. – Vanessa Ferdinand Warren

The story of our engagement

(told by Colin)

So most of you know that Kalyn and I first met at the Vanderbilt Rites of Spring Concert on April 21st 2007 held on Alumni Lawn. I have heard numerous tales of engagements and I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting than to get engaged at the exact spot where we first met. It was December 23rd and I had just picked up the ring that afternoon. As the sun set I went to the alumni lawn armed with 250 candle luminaries and a dozen roses with shaking hands and the ring in my pocket. I arranged all the candles in a perfect circle at the fateful spot on alumni lawn, quite a beautiful scene with the Vanderbilt bell tower in the background. Kalyn was completely unaware; as I told her we were going to dinner with my mom, when a stretch limo pulled up to pick her up. Kalyn was 5 minutes away from alumni lawn when Mother Nature decided to torment the young romantic. A furious wind picked up and turned my candled creation into a lawn littered with extinguished luminaries, a scene out of a cheesy romantic comedy! I cursed Mother Nature and attempted to salvage the damage as my beautiful bride to be arrived. There were only two candles left burning as she walked towards me, perfectly symbolic.

She answered my prayers and dreams by saying yes and after the ring adorned her finger. We popped a bottle of champagne in the limo. I made dinner reservations at Cafe Margo, where we shared our first date. As we walked into the restaurant, Kalyn’s eyes filled with tears of surprise and excitement as we were greeted by our families and friends for a wonderful dinner.

(Addendum by Kalyn):

I had just worked a 13-hour shift and a proposal was the last thing I expected! Even with the cold and windy weather and scattered candles, it was absolutely perfect! However, Colin left out one of my favorite parts…Along with a beautiful ring, he had a dozen roses each tied with a note and pictures that represented a different aspect of our lives. There was a rose for adventure and fun with pictures from our ski trips and other vacations and adventures. There was a rose for family with pictures of our families and a note about the excitement of our own some day. There was a rose for our shared work in health care, he as a doctor and me as a nurse. There was a rose about faith and love. The thought he put into each was so amazing, and each rose brought me to tears…The tears only continued when I realized he surprised me again at the restaurant when I walked in and saw our family and friends from Kentucky and Georgia!

It was a night that I will never forget…and we are getting married 4 months from today! – Kalyn Bowra

Jake and I were best friends throughout college. We wouId sit and talk for hours at a time about every topic under the sun. I would even give him advice about his girlfriends, and he would advise me about my love life. Upon graduation, I married someone that I had been dating during college, and Jake was an usher in the wedding.

Several years passed, and Jake took a job that required him to travel all over the world. I would only hear from him sporadically, but our friendship endured nonetheless. After 8 years of marriage, my relationship fell apart, and I found myself jaded and ready to spend the rest of my life alone. Jake had returned to the states about a year before, and was dating a doctor that I really liked. For once, he seemed happy, and I was happy to see him so. However, she, ironically, moved out of the country to practice medicine in an area that sincerely needed doctors, and he decided to stay in Wisconsin to help his parents, whose health was failing. We cried on each other’s shoulders and lamented our losses.

I will never forget my best friend broaching the possibility of dating Jake to me, after all of the years of friendship that we had had. After all, he had never married, and was now available. Plus, I already knew him well. I had already sworn that I would never marry again, but she wouldn’t listen. She insisted that I had had the perfect man right in front of me all of these years, and that it was time someone pushed us together.

I was terrified, but allowed her to persuade me into telling him that I might be interested in “going out” if he were ever in Tennessee. He soon flew in to Tennessee, and I found myself more nervous than I had ever been in my life! But after that first date, I knew that he was the one I had been looking for. However, how would we overcome the fact that he lived in Wisconsin and I lived in Tennessee?!

After dating long distance and earning lots of frequent flier miles, he took me to London for a week long vacation. It was an incredible experience! He took me shopping and to enjoy all of the wonderful sites in that beautiful city. After taking me to the theater on the 4th night to see Shakespeare, we walked hand in hand down the London streets to Trafalgar Square. There, with the London streets all aglow, he walked me to the statue of Eros. As he told me the story of the statue of Eros, the god of love, and how lovers would proclaim their love for each other there, he got down on one knee, and asked me if I would be willing to be his best friend for eternity, as his wife. And there, with many tears, I accepted his offer, and we have been side by side ever since.

He moved to Tennessee to be with me, and his parents decided to move here to retire. We have lived here happily ever since, and I still cherish the memory of being proposed to at the statue of Eros! As Shakespeare said, “all’s well that ends well!” – Kristy Graves Mall

My fiancée Lee and I met on a social networking site called on June 27th 2005. While on the site, I received a friend request from Lee and accepted it because he seemed nice (and was cute). Me and Lee talked for weeks and decided to meet for drinks at a local bar. I, being nervous, as I had never met someone on the Internet, decided to bring a friend along for a buffer.

Lee arrived at the bar and was instantly overwhelmed by me and the 5 guy friends that decided to show up and quiz him. He survived and I thought that, since he handled himself so well, he would definitely be able to deal with anything else I was going to throw his way.

The night was going great and they decided to go to another bar to play bumper pool. While playing; my little pink purse kept falling off my shoulder. Being the gentleman that Lee is, he offered to hold my purse. This was the moment that I knew that this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with….

The Proposal

I had been out of town for work for a week and when I came home Lee surprised me with tickets to the General Jackson Steam Boat. I had always wanted to go on the boat since I moved here 3 years ago but I never had the chance. Know this Lee went out and got tickets, little did I know he was setting the stage for me best day of my life.

After we had dinner on the boat, we went outside to watch the boat pull into downtown Nashville. Well, there I was with my back turned, looking down the river at the beautiful downtown skyline. Lee cleared his throat behind me…. I turned around to see him on one knee with the ring and he said, “Will you marry me?”!

At that point, I was so surprised and speechless, I just start shaking and crying and smiling at the same time. Lee, not knowing what to do with the flood of emotion that poured out of me asked me “does that mean yes?” I shook my head and yelled… YES!!!!

So after Lee got my answer and I picked my jaw up off the floor (The ring is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen) the cruise director of the boat came by and asked them if everything was ok?

There I was crying and smiling, I was sure I looked a mess; I just shook my head and showed him my hand. He smiled and congratulated us and asked us our names. Later that evening, he made an announcement over the loudspeaker to the whole boat letting everyone know that, “Lee just asked Rachel to marry him and we think she said yes!” Everyone on the boat cheered and people kept coming by to congratulate us and the cruise director even sent over a bottle of champagne to our table.

Little did I know that a few months back, on a trip home to New York, Lee had sat down with my dad and asked him if he could marry me. I had no idea about the ring or that he asked my dad. Needless to say he completely surprised me; which is hard to do because I am nosy.

I would love to win this prize so I can surprise him with a romantic little getaway from our everyday lives. – Rachel Stein

My husband Derby and I had been dating for about 2 years. Every time my lease on my apartment came up it began to be an issue because I was hardly ever there and it was beginning to get hard to justify the cost. Derby was a little gun-shy about getting engaged because he had been engaged once and ended it like a week before the wedding. Lots of drama and I respected the fact that he didn’t want a repeat of the first episode. On the flip side, I knew we both wanted to marry each other and my stance was that I didn’t want to drag the relationship on if it wasn’t going to happen in an appropriate time frame. No hard feelings- just not the type to drag it out. One random day he called and said “what are you doing?” and I said “Getting ready to go sign a lease on a new apartment.” He was like, “do what?” I said, “yeah, it’s in green hills and it’s a 2 year lease.” He was freaking out and discouraged me from signing the lease and encouraged me to go month to month on my old place for a few more months…Next thing I know we are going to a hockey game one night. It was spring break for his little sister Lauren, who lives in Johnson City TN. He also invited his sister, Courtney from Memphis; Kat from Johnson City and Erin, from Greenville, SC. I thought this was a little weird but he said it was a big game for the Preds and that he had wanted to have everyone in for a hockey game. It is a large and very close knit fam, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Next, we got to the game and found that SEVERAL of our close friends were there. Again, I found this odd but never said anything. On the way to the game Derby began to act very nervous. He was checking his hair in the reflection of the elevator on the way to the game. We sat in our seats and he was looking for all our friends and family in the crowd. We got a beer and he immediately kicked his over. Things were going well and we were having a good time but with a few seconds left in the 2nd period I said I had to “pee”. He said, “Oh, no, you can’t”. And I said, “What do you mean I can’t?” He said puck is in play..he was totally panicked. All the sudden, I found out why. They flashed a spotlight on us and put “Cassie, will you marry me?” on the jumbotron. He stood up got on one knee and asked me to marry him. After I said yes he was all “macho guy” hands in the air, fist pumping and getting the crowd into it. I was not the last to be proposed to at a Predators game but I WAS ONE OF THE FIRST. To that point, I think only one other couple had done it before us. What I loved the most is that he involved all our friends and family and that he put so much thought and work into planning it and making it a surprise. Big and grandiose…that is Derby. And I will always love that he stood up in front of 17,000 people (including our friends and family) and asked me to marry him. Oh, and the apartment thing…He asked me on April 3rd and he had had the ring since Christmas…oh, the fights he could’ve saved! Ha!) This November 20th it will be 10 wonderful years and 2 beautiful kids later! Life is great and I’m a lucky girl! 🙂 – Cassie Jones

My husband brought me lunch one day at work and asked if I would marry him if he proposed with a watermelon ring pop. I thought he was weird, but we were young and broke so I said “sure.” Well, he didn’t have a watermelon ring pop with him. I thought he was being even weirder. That evening when I got home, he met me at the door with this cute little hot pink animatronic monster that played the “Mana mana” song from The Muppet Show. I love that song. The monster had a little heart that read, “Hug me.” So…I still thought he was being really weird, but I gave him a hug anyway. He laughed at me and said, “Would you take a closer look?” when I looked again, there was a diamond ring on the little monster’s arm. Of course I said yes and was relieved that my husband to be hadn’t gone crazy. We got married 6 months later at The Hermitage Hotel! – Leigh Rast

What our proposal lacks in romantic gestures, super planning and coordination (compared to all of the stories posted here) is made up for by location! Sam and I had been dating almost a year and a half and had discussed getting married a couple of times. On a Saturday morning in December he asked me if I wanted to have dinner at the Capitol Grille (at the Hermitage Hotel) that night. I thought it was a little oddly timed since we had at least two Christmas parties to attend that night, but I agreed none-the-less. Who can pass up dinner at the Capitol Grille? So, he picked me up and we walked to the Hermitage (we both lived downtown – and still do). We sat down for dinner and he was very nervous the whole time. I got suspicious, so both of our appetites weren’t the best that night. Sometime between dessert and getting our bill he finally got the words out: “Will you marry me?” He hadn’t alerted anyone when he made the reservation that he was proposing – so thanks to the very attentive service staff, he was interrupted no less than 10 times when trying to ask me! The most romantic thing he said was that he never thought he would find someone who he loved more than his dog (that sounds very odd, but if any one of you know Sam and his dog you understand). It was a high compliment! Later, he said that he got so nervous that he doesn’t remember saying that and had forgotten his planned speech. Long story short, I accepted. We went upstairs into the Hermitage’s gorgeous lobby and asked someone to take our picture in front of one of the beautiful Christmas trees. Then we departed for a Christmas party and got to share the news in person with many of our Nashville friends. It was a wonderful night at the best hotel in Nashville! – Andrea Hutchinson Champion

I married my high school sweetheart, that didn’t work so well! However, I left that relationship with the most awesome daughter ever! My daughter Shannon decided she needed to choose my mate – she didn’t have much faith after my first choice! Shannon arranged a “date” with my very best friend! Come to find out he is my soul mate, turns out she does choose better! Anyway, Shannon and Rob partnered up to make the most wonderful proposal ever! Now, I have the best family ever! Happiness abounds for all three of us! – Susan Beets Cook

We’ve been married for thirty years, and I’m not certain there was a proposal. Ever.
– Barbara Young

My fiancé Jeremy and I met our junior year of college at the University of Pennsylvania. We were both attending a friend’s party when during the course of our discussion we realized that we were both born on February 21st! We started dating shortly after and have been together almost five years. Jeremy proposed on May 2, 2008. He had just finished his second year law school exams at U Penn and was not supposed to come visit me in NYC – where I live – for several days. I remember May 2nd well. I had an unusually stressful day at work and was sad that I had not seen Jeremy for an extended period of time as he had been studying for finals. As I left work that night, I called my parents to vent about my difficult day at work. My father asked me a strange question. He said, “Kim, how far away are you from your apartment?” I pondered his question and said that I was about 15 minutes away. He said he wanted to make sure that I got home all right and to call him when I arrived. As I opened the door to my apartment, I jumped back. Who was inside? I walked slowly down my front hallway only to realize it was strewn with ivory and red rose petals that led me to Jeremy standing nervously in a full suit amidst hundreds of tea candles lit throughout the apartment. As I approached him, he got down on one knee and said, “Kim, I lied to you. I was coming in from Philadelphia today.” He proceeded to tell me how he loved me from the first time we discovered we shared the same birthday and would love me forever. He opened a small white box to display a beautiful princess cut diamond ring that he helped a jeweler design and asked for my hand in marriage. I screamed YES at the top of my lungs, gave him the biggest kiss ever, and then proceeded to call my parents. Jeremy had asked them for my hand in marriage and even asked my younger sister Brittany if he could marry me. After numerous calls to my friends, family, and future bridesmaids, Jeremy poured a bottle of champagne in two new glasses he bought just for the occasion. He then took me to a five-course dinner at Aureole where the maitre de was expecting our arrival and immediately asked to see my ring upon my entrance into the restaurant. When we sat down at a remote corner table, a bottle of champagne and a hand written congratulatory note mailed by his parents from California was sitting at the table. It was the best night of my life, and I cannot wait for our wedding this coming August. – Kimberly Siegal


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