Luxury Begins With Attention to Details


The Hermitage Hotel is known for being the most luxurious hotel in Nashville. I want to let you in on our secret: It’s all in the details. From the way we interact with our guests to the way we fold the towels, we focus on the small things that separate an unforgettable stay from a satisfactory one.

A great example of this is our furniture. Keeping our reputation in mind, it may not surprise you that every piece of furniture in The Hermitage Hotel is custom designed and built. Take the two sofas in our lobby. They get a lot of use from guests enjoying afternoon tea, visiting with friends after a wedding or just relaxing. You might not have thought about it, but sofas in a five-star hotel must be replaced regularly – long before wear and tear starts to show. And when we need new sofas, we start a six-month process that is well worth the time and effort.

It all starts with our talented interior design partners at Forrest Perkins LLC, who work in Dallas and Washington, D.C. They search through hundreds of samples to find the right fabrics, trim items, borders and fringes, which may come from different makers. The designers also choose the body-style of the sofa, the firmness and type of fill for the cushions, trim materials, pillows and material selections.

After the right combination is decided, the different components are ordered and shipped to the furniture maker, who puts it all together. After many long hours, the furniture maker finishes his art and two custom sofas are shipped to The Hermitage Hotel.

So why do we go to all this trouble over our furniture? Because everything in the hotel represents our brand. And the Hermitage Hotel is famous for taking guests’ high expectations and exceeding them in order to create a truly unique hotel experience. We could simply buy furniture off-the-shelf at a retail store, but we much rather create a hotel environment like none other.

Remember, it’s all in the details.

Greg Sligh, Managing Director of The Hermitage Hotel


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